Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Top FREE Cloud Storage Providers - 2014

Short and on subject (as always :).

Did some research on the market and currently these are the top Cloud Storage Providers that offer the Most Free Space and have Desktop and Mobile (iOS, Android) Sync Clients.
Everyone is starting the list with Dropbox but that's outdated offering a shameful of 2GB.

  1. - 50 GB
  2. FireDrive - 50 GB
  3. - 20 GB (Sync up to 3 devices)
  4. - 15 GB (Or you get 20GB if you register from this referral)
  5. Google Drive - 15 GB
  6. - 15 GB
  7. - 10 GB
  8. - 10 GB (250 MB max file size)
  9. Microsoft OneDrive - 7 GB

Note - I personally recommend, it's a great service. Works almost just like Dropbox but you get a ton of space. You get an additional 5GB for every referred friend.

Although you can scrape up a bunch of free space this way I don't recommend installing more than two sync clients on your computer because it can seriously affect the computers performance.

I will update this list as soon as something interesting comes up.

Additional Resources

  • 5/3/14 - Adding FireDrive to #2 offering a mind-blowing free space of 50GB and no file size limit.


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