Monday, March 17, 2014

SharePoint: Are there any Users currently on the site?


Ever wondered is there anyone connected to the SharePoint Site before doing an iisreset or a server reboot? Or how much the site is used on a daily basis?


The Performance Monitor tool is just about perfect for this. You can make a custom console, save it and use later. Or you can collect data over time to have a better overview on the server usage (Data Collector Sets section, not covered in this post).

Below I'll detail step by step how to create a custom MMC Console.

  1. First, start a blank mmc console

  2. Add a Performance Monitor Snap-In

  3. You've got a blank Performance Monitor Console. Now you have to add the Counters.

  4. Click on the green Plus Sign and find the following counters:

    Web Service Category
    - Current Anonymous Users
    - Current Non-Anonymous Users

    At the Instances section you can select a particular website or just _Total.

    I also like to add other helpful counters like CPU Usage, Memory, etc. For more info on counters please consult this blog post.

  5. Go to View -> Customize and remove the clutter

  6. Go to File -> Save As and save the console for later use. There you go.

Obviously, you can use this to monitor any kind of IIS Website like TFS, etc.

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