Saturday, December 15, 2012

Deny Deleting a folder on Windows

Setting the Deny Delete NTFS permission on a folder in Windows still allows me to delete it.

The Story:
Today I had a tricky issue. For some reason when I delete a movie from uTorrent it also deletes the parent directory which is the Movies folder. The data is not lost because it's a mounted NTFS Volume, but it's annoying to recreate the folder and remount it in Disk Management. So I thought it would be great to deny delete on that folder while allowing all operations below the parent. Setting Deny Delete to Everyone still let me to delete the folder, so I kept googling with no results.

Set the following permissions on the folder that shouldn't be deleted (in my case the Movies folder); leave all other permissions untouched:

  • Deny Delete
  • Deny Delete subfolders and files
  • Apply to: This folder only


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